Clinical Research Resources

The Center for Clinical Investigation (CCI) is the home for clinical research at Brigham and Women's Hospital. The CCI facilitates the work of clinical investigators and study teams by providing clinical research resources and educational services that are designed to promote high quality clinical research. The CCI interfaces with Harvard Catalyst to provide expanded resources to investigators at all Harvard-affiliated institutions.

The Center for Clinical Investigation provides clinical researchers with many resources, including:

Physical Space
Inpatient Research Unit: standard bed unit and Intensive Physiologic Monitoring Unit
Outpatient Research Units: 221 Longwood Ave, PBB A4, and Building for Transformative Medicine

Research Personnel
Nurses, Nutritionists, research coordinators, phlebotomists, and Technicians

Research Coordinator Network
Experienced in recruitment strategies, implementation, completion, the intricacies of IRB and FDA regulations, and sponsor-related documents

Nutrition Services
Provides research diets, nutrition intake data collection and analysis, and patient nutrition assessment

Laboratory and Specimen Processing
Provides assays in a timely manner at high quality and low cost, access to rare assays, and individualized consulting and experimental assay design

Brigham Research Assay Core (BRAC)
Phlebotomy services, specimen processing, routine lab support, and research lab support

Investigational Drug Services
Pharmaceutical services and guidance for all research groups

Education Program
Many courses are available for researchers and research staff

Consultation Services
Advice regarding biostatistics, genetics, imaging and additional topics are available

Administrative Resources
Help identifying what resources are available, how to apply to the CCI, and how to get your protocol ready to be activated

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